Homelessness isn't a lifestyle, it's an emergency.

This year, about 3600 single adults and about 800 families in Richmond faced this unimaginable crisis, and for many, CARITAS is the only place they can turn.

No other emergency shelter in Central Virginia can accept families with fathers, families with more than three children, or families with adolescent males. No other emergency shelter can care for over 1,000 people annually, due to the work of the 15,000 volunteers and 155 host congregations who open their doors each week.

Upon entering CARITAS, guests find not only the necessities for survival - they find the tools for success. Through the growing web of CARITAS volunteers, staff, and agency partners, guests get the help they need to get off the street, back on their feet, and on the path to self-sufficiency.  For more information about Richmond CARITAS, click here.


For two weeks in December, our parish houses and feeds 40 homeless men and women who are participating in the CARITAS program. Many, many volunteers are needed to provide food and drinks, cook meals, serve meals, be overnight hosts, wash laundry, be shower escorts, visit, and provide services such as haircuts, mending, or game nights. Sign-ups begin in middle of November.